Nkabomkese Afahye Festival, Ayeldu
 Rescue teams search for survivors after the Melcom collapse, Accra
 Reporters at the site of the Melcom collapse, Accra
 Police survey rescue operations at the Melcom collapse, Accra
 Soldiers attempt to shut out the media at the site of the Melcom collapse, Accra
 Production at La Beach, Accra
 Traditional leaders attend John Mahama's inauguration at Independence Square, Accra
 The President's personal photographer, Accra
 Guests of honor leave Mahama's inauguration, Accra
 The President's press corps, Osu Castle, Accra
 Hired cameramen film the inauguration of a new chief, Ayeldu
 Campaign theatrics, Accra
 The journalist speaks to children working at a landfill on air, Achimota, Accra
 Pastor Mensah Otabil delivers a sermon to a packed Accra stadium on New Years Eve
 Watching the game, Accra
 Voter's ID check before biometric verification testing, Accra
 Police control a rowdy crowd at a polling station after an officer accidentally fired tear gas, Accra
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